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reading list

Reading List

The following books will answer many of your questions about setting up operations in the U.S. The last book on this list was written by John Rauscher, founder of

Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and Selling High-Tech Products to Mainstream Customers

Geoffrey A. Moore (foreword by Regis McKenna), HarperCollins Publishers: New York (August 1999), rev. ed. (paperback).

The revised edition of Crossing the Chasm is a readable masterpiece on marketing for startups. Moore, a visionary and a great analyst, has sold millions of copies of his bestseller. He explains why high-tech marketing is unique and how to adapt your marketing strategy as you grow. (English; reading time 3 hours)

A la conquête de la Silicon Valley

John Rauscher, Editions d'Organisation, France (May 1999) (paperback).

This is a practical guide for high-tech companies that want to start their U.S. operations quickly and efficiently. The author combines a very detailed market analysis with his experience in setting up companies from scratch to IPO. (French; reading time 3 hours)

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