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  Why do my American employees always require training on new products?
  American employees are good professionals who will do the job they are being paid to do. But they also expect other departments of the company to provide them the resources they need to do their job. For example, a sales engineer will be willing to give demonstrations of the product. But he/she will expect someone to tell him/her what is the right way of giving these demonstrations. In other words, a sales engineer does not expect to have to make up the way the product should be presented—in a typical U.S. company this is the role of the Product Marketing department. More generally, you cannot expect American employees to be proactive in seeking information they need to do their job. You have to provide them this information, in a ready-to-consume format. When you plan to launch a product in the U.S., whether it's a product that you are already marketing in Europe or one you are launching simultaneously in Europe and in the U.S., you should definitely plan a formal training session for your U.S. operational teams. You can either get the people together in a place for a few hours or a few days, or set up a Web-based seminar. But you need to have a certain number of elements ready, such as an elevator pitch, a product positioning statement, a PowerPoint® slideshow, and a script that details how to do the demonstration. This training session has to take place prior to any marketing activity. Keep in mind that training on new products is very important. Relying on your U.S. team to discover products by themselves is a major and costly mistake you have to avoid.  
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