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  When starting your U.S. operations, which do you focus on first: marketing or selling?

Either direction has pros and cons. If you try to sell your products or services with the wrong marketing messages, you may not only lose time or money, you might also be classified in the wrong market niche by market analysts. On the other hand, do not spend months fine-tuning your marketing message. It will certainly change when your sales team hits your competition.

Our advice: Jot down a clear elevator speech for each potential market you want to address. Try to write the following document (we'll call this a "product script") in one page and LESS than 100 words, for each of your markets:

  • Which business problem do you address? (25 words)
  • How unique are you? (3 bullet points and 50 words)
  • What is the return on investment (ROI)? (25 words)

If you have been able to write three or four different product scripts, pick the one that is the shortest and where the ROI is obvious. Focus on this niche market only. Keep in mind that the most important aspect when you start your U.S. operations is to gain your first references quickly. It does not matter if you get them from a niche market; you have to reassure your investors and your team as soon as possible.


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